How to Use the Event Tickets App

Our Event Tickets Plus App is the easiest and fastest way to check in your attendees directly from your Android or iOS device.

Access UK tickets now has the ability to check in attendees to your events via QR code. These scannable codes are generated automatically for all ticket purchases, and each code references a unique URL that can be used to quickly check in guests without needing to manually access your attendees list.

Download the app from:

Google Play Store - for Android devices

App Store - for iOS devices.

Setting up the App

Once the App is installed on your device, you can connect the app to our website by performing the following steps:

Press "Insert Details Manually" Button.


Inserting Website details & API Key The App won't be able to scan tickets & check in ticket holders unless this is carried out. ensure you enter the correct settings

Copy this full URL (below) into "Enter Website URL"

It’s important to note that the URL only works with https://

& this API key (below) into "Enter API key"


& then press "Connect Your Site"


Double check you have entered correct settings Click on menu icon on the app & goto settings to double check you have entered the correct info.

This is what the settings should be (see image). Update Settings, if need be.


Once that information is in place, you'll be ready to check in your attendees by scanning their ticket's QR codes!

Tickets will be available to check in from 1 hour before your event start times.

Please note you will need to have internet access on your device to check in attendees. For best results, we recommend being connected to a wifi network.

Scanning Tickets

To scan QR codes at your events, you'll need a mobile device with a camera (such as a smartphone or tablet).

Located on the tickets is a unique QR Code for each ticket. Press start scanning on App to scan the ticket QR code & check ticket holders in.

Example QR Code on tickets


Tickets can be scanned & checked in from one hour before the event starts & during the event times as well if required


Sucessfully Checked In Ticket Holder

Will show the ticket holders name, ticket price, email & the date the when ticket was purchased.


Already checked in ticket holder

This will appear if the ticket QR code has previously been scanned.